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    Classical physics simulations for computer-aided learning (CAL, e-learning, classical physics for pedestrians).

    Simulations of this site related to physics taught in universities for under-graduate students. They can be used by students, or be shown, during lectures,  by the professor, to support demonstrations. Executables , programs which start with a single click,  are to be downloaded (it's free) from this site; they  are .jar, that is they are written in Java and require a download into you computer of this language (free from the site of the Oracle Corporation) . It is probably better to have a modern version of Java (Java 7 is the version used here).
     Here are simulated the following physical phenomena:
    - Optical devices : Michelson- Morley interferometer , Fabry-Perot devices, Young-slits, and also devices of geometrical optics: diopters , lenses, microscope, Galileo telescope, or the eye.
    - gas in two dimensions , in order to illustrate the kinetic theory of gases ,
    - chain atoms and propagation phenomena in one dimension decomposition into stationary waves, etc ...
    - electrical balance of parallel cylindrical conductors ,
    - Wire chambers (Charpak chambers), charged particle detectors .
    - physics of particles: quarks , described in a simple model only, to show what it consists of.
    The simulations do not generally take into account quantum mechanics .